Combo 15 packs SunMate Super Dry Pants Diaper L8 (8 Pcs)

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    SunMate is an adult diaper brand that aims to reconnect the love between generations, and provide care for elderly people around the world that they so urgently need. Our Super Dry pants diaper is suitable for both men and women, an absolute necessity for people undergoing rehabilitation. This is the product that will bring freedom for the elderly who have a love for outdoor activities.



Size Waist-length Pieces / Package
M 60 - 90 cm 8
L 75 – 105 cm 7




  The highest levels of absorbency up to a whopping 600ml capacity

Prevention of side leaking and rewet at the highest standard, giving the most perfect protection to our users only made even better through our product’s unmatched breathability. 


  Super soft and elastic back sheet.

Using elastic, soft material for a comfortable back sheet, and a more accurate fit so that the diaper is fixed in position and leaves no pressure marks on the body.


Dual leak guards.

The most effective form of protection to prevent side leaks by surrounding and locking down the liquid.


 Ultra breathable layer.

Excellent air flow thanks to premium back sheet material allows moisture to escape, keeping your skin dry at all times and away from allergies or diaper rash. 





    Understanding is what we believe to be the solution to the growing concerns of the aging population, SunMate’s mission is to reconnect love between generations within the family, and offer the best care for the elderly. We wish to be a companion to help older people continue to live a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. 

    SunMate is a brand belonging to Taisun Vietnam - the major player in the hygiene industry, and a corporation that seeks to bring care to all the people of Vietnam. We are a publicly listed company that started all the way back in 2001 and has almost 20 years of experience in the diaper industry. Taisun Vietnam will continue to uphold its core value of “Growing Together!” in order to serve and guarantee the best service to millions of Vietnamese consumers.